Your Personal Economy – The Bottom Line that Matters Most

Recently on a television commercial for some financial product or other, I heard the phrase, “your personal economy” mentioned. This term refers to the idea that every person- and every family, has an individual financial outlook as unique as a fingerprint. This concept has stuck with me, and I wanted to share my thoughts on what this means for me- and for you, in terms of major financial decision making, including important Real Estate decisions.

While I choose to embrace optimism in terms of the future of the United States (and world) economy, I am also a realist; I know folks who are struggling to find work, and families who are trying to keep on top of the bills, and not always successfully. The media also does a fine job of reminding us daily of the ‘abysmal situation.’ Fear mongering, hopelessness, and dire statistics tend to sour the taste of my morning coffee.

The truth- some people are struggling. Some people are coasting along at the same level of income and expenses they’ve had for the past few years, with reasonably secure jobs. Some people are actually doing great financially- they’ve gotten raises, gotten better jobs, or taken control of their finances by balancing their personal or family budgets…

If you are in the category of “holding steady” or maybe even “doing great”, I have some good news for you! Your Personal Economic Outlook is bright. Hang in there- you have every reason to believe things will continue to remain even-keel, or even get better and better. Wow. Betcha haven’t seen anything like that on the news or in print lately.

I am pretty enthusiastic about the personal economy of many of my clients and friends. It is refreshing to realize that if we just quit looking down and thinking down and actually LOOK AROUND, there is reason to hope. There is reason to smile. There is reason to move confidently forward in regard to important financial decisions, including Real Estate purchase and sales.

Call or drop me a line. I’d love to talk shop, or talk about your personal economy. If you are doing well, cheers to you! If you are seeking solutions to mortgage-related challenges, Let me walk you through the options. You’ve got options, choices, and you definitely have reason to hope.

Jack Meyers         303.263.3050


What are your thoughts?

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