Is a Christmas-Time Closing in the Cards for You?

In talking to would-be Sellers this time of year, I sometimes come across hesitancy to list in what some owners see as “the slow season.” The truth about the final quarter of the year is that this is a great time to list your home for sale.

Here’s why:
1. One of the biggest reasons to list your home during the holiday season {November-December through early January} is to capture serious Buyers. Home seekers during this time of the year are looking for a reason, and looking for real.
2. Less competition on the market is a GOOD THING for Sellers. When serious Buyers come calling, they will have less property inventory to compare your home to. This ups the ante for them and can increase the value for you.
3. In a seasonal state like Colorado, homeowners can set the scene for Buyers. When you present a warm, cozy home during showings, online, and during open houses, Buyers will be charmed by your property’s potential.

Stay tuned – next we’ll discuss Seasonal Strategies for selling your home during the winter holidays & weather.

Call me or drop a line – I’d love to talk about whether your holiday plans include a successful Home Closing.

Jack Meyers


Twitter: @jackestate

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