Home Selling – a Game Best Played Objectively

For homeowners considering listing their property in the spring, or at any time in the future, it is important to remember that despite the emotion attached to your home, the purchase or sale of Real Estate is still a business transaction. Keeping a cool head amidst the pressures of a home sale can be to your benefit.

Let’s start at the beginning: what is your home worth? You and your family have probably built memories of a wonderful life together in your home. You’ve shared meals, tucked children into bed, and hopefully lived a full life within the shelter of your home. Those memories are priceless!

To a potential buyer, your warm fuzzies, and the price they are willing to pay for the home you offer for sale, have nothing to do with each other. Ultimately, the listing price decision is up to you, the seller. An experienced Realtor will advise you on the list price of your home based on market conditions and comparable sold properties. It is up to you to set emotion aside and listen to the voice of reason when setting the list price of your home.

Yes, but nobody does a backyard barbecue like this family – and this yard has hosted some awesome cook-outs! Those are memories to treasure, no doubt. Another moment to treasure – the swift sale of your home, which can be the result of a properly set list price when your home goes on the market. Pricing your home too high based on “a feeling” can lead to slow showings and a sluggish sale, and this may ultimately lead to a lower sale price as you lower the list price over time. Gut feelings are simply not an ideal factor to base your home price on.

Objectivity is the name of the game, and helping my clients see the full picture during the purchase or sale of a home – an emotional transaction to be sure – is an important part of my work.

Another mistake sellers sometimes make is to reject the first offer or two they receive, believing that the “right” offer will eventually show up. Price it right in the beginning, and buyers in-the-know will see your home for what it is: a competitively priced option in the marketplace. Your home is likely to see the most activity in the first month of the listing. Price it right – based on facts and market conditions – and you are the most likely to snare buyers during this vital initial listing period.  

What about low offers? Extremely low offers can feel like a slap in the face, and may seem to disrespect the beauty you’ve enjoyed in your home. For the buyer, even low offers are just business. Be prepared to make a counter-offer on any offer your Realtor deems to be serious and worth consideration. Do not make the mistake of rejecting a serious offer out of hand because emotion gets the better of you.

My goal is customer satisfaction – to sell your home in the least amount of time possible at the best possible price. Armed with factual data, including accurate current market conditions and a knowledge of local Real Estate trends, I can help make the sale of your home a more pleasant experience – and I’d love to be your advocate in the Denver area Real Estate market. 


Jack Meyers



Twitter: @jackestate


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