City Mouse or Suburb Mouse?


As far back as Æsop and his fables {read “The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse”:} , both mice and men have debated the relative merits of country versus urban living. The wonderful thing about living in the Denver area is that both city and suburb living offer a variety of benefits. Ask any suburbanite from Parker to Thornton and they’ll tell you, “It’s great!” Ask any city dweller and they’ll praise the merits of Denver proper. Let’s take a closer look at both option.

Bright Lights Big City

If you see yourself in the heart of the action, the rush of city life might be for you. Financial and business sectors are nearby, and if you are a fan of arts & culture or the nightlife, you’ll enjoy living near museums, galleries, theaters, nightclubs, and fine restaurants. Don’t forget the shopping! If you’ve got the time & dime to indulge in retail therapy, urban living may be a good choice.

Assuming you work “only” 40 hours a week, you spend approximately 25% of your time at work – not including travel time to and from work or the time it takes you to get ready in the morning. Don’t let that get you down, but DO consider your work location in choosing the location of your next home. If you work in or near Denver, you could give yourself the valuable gift of time by living near your office – not to mention the gas savings.

If you are lured by the call of the city, you may also be attracted to architectural styles you can only find downtown. Sleek steel sky rises with soaring city views, historic neighborhoods, chic modern architecture… you’ll find a lot of wow closer to the city center, but you may not find the same bang for your buck. Price per square foot varies from neighborhood to neighborhood, but you will inevitably pay more money for less square footage the closer you get to the heart of Denver.

Potential Drawbacks of City Living

If you loathe traffic, noise, and proximity to other people, city living might not be your best bet. Crime rates in Denver are lower than many other metropolitan areas, but crime rates in parts of Denver are likely to be higher than the fringes of the suburbs, and this is something to consider. Pollution also tends to be higher mid-city than in the suburbs. If you are looking for a spacious yard, oversize garage and major square footage, you will be more likely to find these items outside of metro Denver, and prices will be more competitive.

Rockin’ the Suburbs

If you want to escape the daily grind and you like the small town feel you can find in hamlets just outside the big city, then suburban living may be for you. The suburbs have a lot to offer: more square footage inside, larger lots, more space between neighboring homes and more greenery. A suburban home will cost you less than one of comparable size in the city, and suburban homes are often larger and have more amenities.

Potential Drawbacks of the Burbs

For some people, the suburbs are just not exciting enough! They are far away from all the action in the city: the theaters, bars, clubs, restaurants, galleries and shops. Each outing to one of these places is an excursion, taking time and effort. Suburb living may require a long commute to work. The cost of transportation adds up, and a long commute takes up time that could be better spent.

If you are weighing your options – such as relocating to Denver or finding a spacious home in the suburbs, call me. I also love showing our fine city to Colorado newbies. If you have a friend or family member moving to town, send them my way. I’m happy to help.

Jack Meyers


Twitter: @jackestate


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