The Evidence is Mounting

“This week, optimists had no trouble finding fresh evidence to suggest that the housing market is recovering.

(Among other reasons cited for optimism) Realtors in a number of cities report bidding wars breaking out because too few homes are on the market. This latest Realtors’ report showed sales were 10.2 percent above the same month last year, marking 20 straight months of gains.”   Source:

It’s exciting to read further evidence of what my colleagues and I are seeing happen in the Denver marketplace – homes are moving, they’re moving quickly, and there really are bidding wars happening right here at home.

Does this mean your home will sell in a week for above asking price? Let’s be reasonable. Every neighborhood is different, and every home is different. Factors that will affect the speed and success of your home sale include neighborhood/location, school district, square footage, number of bedrooms, staging, and the list goes on.

While there is no guarantee of the response to your listing, I recommend that if you are on the fence about listing your home, you strike while the iron is hot.

Still not sure? Be informed before you make a move. Call me or drop a line to request a Current Market Analysis (CMA) – no strings attached. A professional CMA will provide answers based on the market RIGHT NOW, based on homes similar to yours that have actually sold, not on listings.

Right now I’m optimistic about the Real Estate market, and you should be, too.

Jack Meyers


Twitter: @jackestate


I Make House Calls

If you were considering surgery, you’d probably schedule at least one consultation with the doctor before going under the knife, right?

Well, I’m no brain surgeon, but I do make house calls! (Don’t mind me – I love to drop a good old fashioned pun now and then.)

Sometimes future clients wait around awhile before consulting me on pressing Real Estate questions. Often this “waiting room” mentality comes from a lack of information; maybe your husband isn’t comfortable with what he guesses your home is worth, or your sister heard that prices are inflated in your desired neighborhood. You might search online or chat about it over coffee after church, but consulting a professional – and admitting you don’t have all the answers – can seem intimidating.

As a Realtor, much of my work depends on contracts such as the Contract to Buy and Sell, and a variety of other legal documents designed to clarify details, protect the consumer and ensure the legality of a home purchase or sale. The great news for you is that not only am I happy to consult with you and answer all of your questions for free – there is no contract involved!

Wondering what your house is worth? Call me! Thinking about a purchase but you don’t know if you can afford a house in your ideal neighborhood? Call me. Worried your house might be underwater after a couple of short sales or foreclosures down the street? Let me think about that one… CALL ME! I’ve been in the Real Estate game for a long time, and I haven’t built my business on pushing people around. I’m here to serve you, and I am ready to answer your questions and give you the information you need to make a next step, or maybe even stay put. No contract required – I’m here to help.

Jack Meyers


Twitter: @jackestate


One Good Showing Deserves Another

Hard working Realtors want to believe that they deserve the credit for selling your property. If I’ve done my job, your property listing on Metrolist will appeal to a wide range of buyers, your home will show up on Trulia and other websites, and I’ll be actively marketing your property to my Real Estate colleagues, current & past clients, and anyone who’ll stop to listen.

I’ll be putting my best foot forward to sell your home, but the truth is, Realtors don’t sell homes alone – showings sell homes. It would be fantastic for a buyer to come along with a blank check, ready to purchase your home sight unseen! In reality, the more showings that take place at your property, the greater the chance of a sale.

I’ve talked about preparing your home for sale in the past. This is important information, and I’ll probably bring up the topic again from time to time. Today, I’d like to share a few tips for working with the support team or showing desk that will set your property showings.

Here are some insider tips on showing appointments for your home:

  1. Every showing is an opportunity. When you turn down a showing appointment, you are losing a potential opportunity to sell your home. If you are motivated to sell your home, you need to show it.
  2. Buyers are looking at more than just your home. If you turn away a showing, they may not reschedule. The money they spend on a new home could go into someone else’s pocket while your home sits on the market.
  3. You set the schedule. This can be to your benefit, or it can hold you back. A one – two hour showing window is standard, but sometimes Realtors, and their clients, take more or less time than planned at showing appointments. Plan for an additional 30 minutes in either direction just to be safe. If you can’t be away from home for that long, or you have pets or small children, let your showing desk know that you’ll leave when the potential buyer arrives. Be prepared to skedaddle, and don’t get into a conversation with the Realtor or his/her clients. As your professional representative, that is my job.
  4. Open your (showing) window. Whether you require a two hour notice, a twenty four hour notice, or any other amount of time, you may turn off potential showings. Thoughtful, experienced Realtors will give homeowners as much notice as possible. If the showing desk calls to say, “A Realtor and his clients are right around the corner, can you accept a showing?” your goal should be a resounding, “Yes!”
  5. Have a plan. Keep a few baskets handy for quick clutter pickup and storage. It is not always possible to keep your home in showing shape every moment in the day. Do the best you can and be prepared to stash your stuff when a showing comes calling. You’ll save your sanity and be ready to show with little or no notice.
  6. Communication is key. Be flexible as much as you can, but Realtors, and potential buyers, are people, too. If you have a sick child and simply cannot leave the house, let your Realtor, and your showing desk, know. On the other hand If you happen to have out of town company, you haven’t had time to vacuum, or you are having a bad hair day – take the showing.

I look forward to the opportunity to help you sell your property, and to make the process as smooth, timely and profitable as possible.

Give me a call or drop a line!

Jack Meyers


Twitter: @jackestate