The Evidence is Mounting

“This week, optimists had no trouble finding fresh evidence to suggest that the housing market is recovering.

(Among other reasons cited for optimism) Realtors in a number of cities report bidding wars breaking out because too few homes are on the market. This latest Realtors’ report showed sales were 10.2 percent above the same month last year, marking 20 straight months of gains.”   Source:

It’s exciting to read further evidence of what my colleagues and I are seeing happen in the Denver marketplace – homes are moving, they’re moving quickly, and there really are bidding wars happening right here at home.

Does this mean your home will sell in a week for above asking price? Let’s be reasonable. Every neighborhood is different, and every home is different. Factors that will affect the speed and success of your home sale include neighborhood/location, school district, square footage, number of bedrooms, staging, and the list goes on.

While there is no guarantee of the response to your listing, I recommend that if you are on the fence about listing your home, you strike while the iron is hot.

Still not sure? Be informed before you make a move. Call me or drop a line to request a Current Market Analysis (CMA) – no strings attached. A professional CMA will provide answers based on the market RIGHT NOW, based on homes similar to yours that have actually sold, not on listings.

Right now I’m optimistic about the Real Estate market, and you should be, too.

Jack Meyers


Twitter: @jackestate


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