Turning Up the Technology at Home

Full disclosure: I am about to date myself. Mind you, I’m no fuddy duddy. But then again I’m not exactly part of the MTV generation…

Remember getting up to turn your television on/off way back when? That’s right, kids! Before your phone was smarter than you are, and before every American over the age of ten had his/her own laptop, we used to have to get up. Off the couch. To change channels on the television. By hand. Can I get an, “Amen!” from those of you ancient enough to remember those bygone days?
We’ve come a long way from the invention of a simple tv remote control. Not only can you program your television – you can now program your home in a variety of ways to improve security, save on utility bills and simplify life. Read on to learn more about current “smart home” technology, and the benefits in it for you.

Cooling Your Electric Bill
According to Energy Star (www.EnergyStar.gov) the average homeowner spends $2300 annually for electricity, and can expect to save about $180 per year through the use of a programmable thermostat. Home owners using more than average electricity can save $300 or more annually, which quickly pays for the $30-$80 cost of a basic model. On the market now are versions of this technology that create a heating/cooling program for you, learning your family’s heating and cooling preferences based on the choices you make over the course of a week or two; no programming necessary – the device programs itself with little human intervention, and can even be controlled from a smart phone or tablet from work, on the road or anywhere you go. (nest learning thermostat – http://www.nest.com)

Light Switches Edison Never Even Dreamed Of
The ability to turn lamps off and on via a plug in timer has been around for awhile, but the latest technology allows homeowners to turn lights off and on with the flick of a mouse instead of a switch via any Apple App enabled device. Current technology allows homeowners to create a lighting schedule in one place as opposed to setting multiple timers throughout a home. This is great for daily living – schedule your bedside lamp to switch on about the time you head for bed, or program your lights to a different setting every day while you’re away on vacation to increase security by fooling would-be thieves. Coming soon – technology that will work the same way for hard-wired lighting in your home such as ceiling fixtures and other built-in lighting.

Teching your Entire Nest
For those of you keen on Inspector Gadget-style home living a la “Go Go Gadget House!” whole home automation systems are available that allow for the integration of security, utility automation and entertainment, at home or away. We’re not quite ready to keep up with the Jetsons and their crew of capable robots, but if your idea of keeping up with the Joneses includes being a heavyweight in home technology, get out your checkbook! Your technology can sync up in fantastic ways with systems offered by Vivint or Crestron, and even some options available through Comcast: set your thermostat to lower at the same time your security system goes on full guard; command your lights to turn on the moment you enter your house, or to work on motion detectors. Automatic door locks are an option, as are add-ons such as leak detection, carbon monoxide or smoke detection, and additional security sensors on doors and windows.

Whether you operate a smart home from your iPhone 18 (which version are we on again??) or you read by candlelight in a cozy farmhouse, I can help with all of your Real Estate needs from buying to selling to property investment. Pick up your fancy phone and give me a call or drop a line, or send me a letter the old-fashioned way.

At your service,

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


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