A Denver Real Estate Market Update

Would you believe me if I told you that median home sales prices in Denver rose nearly fifty grand this spring over median prices last year?

Yes – it’s true. February through April of this year, median home prices in Denver rose 24.3% year-over-year for a median home sale price of $252,400. The number of completed sales during this same period of time rose 19.7% for a total of 3,219 sales. These are exciting numbers, and further proof that the Real Estate market is continuing to head in a positive direction.

Let’s head further South for a look at the Aurora Real Estate action. While the median listing price in Aurora is experiencing minor decreases to holding steady on a weekly basis, median sales prices Feb-April are up $30,000 (a 19.4% increase) year-over-year. Now that is a number you can really take to the bank! In addition to a phenomenal increase in sales price, Aurora has seen a 20.2% increase in closed home sales Feb-April 2013 over the same period in 2012.

What’s in it for you? If you thought you were underwater, you may now be able to sell your house and move up, downsize or just plain move on from a house you thought you were stuck in for awhile. If you are looking to move up, an extra $10, $20 or $30K in your pocket is a fantastic position to be in when you start the search for your next home.

Similar good news is happening all over the Metro Denver Real Estate market, and every neighborhood, including yours, is unique. Call me or drop a line to learn about the stats right where you live – or where you want to live! I’m always happy to shed light on your unique situation.

[Statistics courtesy of Trulia]

At your service,
Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


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