A Real Estate Top Five: Pets and Your Home Listing

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1. Know thy pets, and preempt any potential misbehavior that could happen during showings. Is your dog a barker? Does he tear pillows off the couch or leave shoes strewn about the house? Be aware of these potential issues and prevent them to begin with. Your dogs bark hello may be charming for you, but is a definite turnoff for potential buyers.

2. Kennel pets if possible, or enlist the aid of a helpful neighbor to take care of them during the day. This is not a practical solution for every homeowner, but if your pet is familiar with the neighbors and they are willing to pitch in, let Fido or Fluffy spend the day next door. This eliminates the issue of pets for home showings and can help you sell your home more quickly.

3. Inform your Showing Desk of all pets, and include important details. If you are not able to remove pets during home showings, be sure to inform showing Realtors of any pets in the home, whether they are friendly to strangers, their likely location and any special instructions such as, “two cats in the home, please do not let them out the front door.” The last thing you want is a kitty or puppy surprise when potential buyers walk through the door. In some situations (such as a bird that may bite) a sign near the animal instructing “Please do not touch” or similar is useful.

4. What’s that smell? No one – not pet owners, not visitors and especially not potential homebuyers want to encounter a funky smell at a home showing. Dirty fish tanks, rodent or reptile cages, cat litter boxes, wet dog… None of these odors will appeal to potential buyers, and they will not be fooled by overpowering “air fresheners.” Clean your carpets, keep pet accoutrements and cages clean, and eliminate odors as opposed to covering them up.

5. Play Pet Detective – pay special attention to visual clues left by your pets. If your fridge is covered with “I Heart Kitty” magnets, your furniture is covered with fur and claw marks and half eaten dog toys have taken up permanent residence behind the couch, your pet owns too much of your personal Real Estate – at least if you want to sell your home. Home staging professionals recommend depersonalizing your home for a successful sale, and this includes scaling back on the visual presence of your pets. Your hairy scary couch may be going with you when you move, but it’ll make buyers wonder what else has “gone to the dogs” in your home. You love your pets, and you can let the accessories, chew toys and fur fly in your new home. Keeping pet paraphernalia at a minimum while you sell your home is a must.

I love to help families, and their pets, find the perfect new home. Call me or drop a line to find out what your home is worth, or to conduct a preliminary search in your next neighborhood.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
Twitter: @jackestate


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