State of the Market

Denver and Dallas are the only two cities in the country that have now topped pre-recession prices as people bid on a scarce supply of homes. (Source: CBS News Denver, 7.30.13)

Denver was one of the first cities to enter the housing crisis, and for Realtors, buyers, sellers, renters who’d like to buy and just about everybody else – it’s been a long haul. The good news is, we are now one of the first cities to emerge confidently from this crisis. The local economy and homeowners are both benefitting from improving Real Estate prices, and seventeen months in a row of year-over-year home price increases are a sign that this positive trend is stable and lasting.

Consider the month of May. Not only were prices up – Denver home sales prices broke records from the high set seven years ago. Currently our housing market has low inventory and high demand – a recipe for quick sales and great prices for sellers. The housing bust that led to what some have called the “Great Recession” has finally kicked the bucket, and sellers across Denver are celebrating all the way to the bank.

Are you ready to cash in on this incredible market with a home sale? Maybe you are ready to buy, and you need an experienced professional to navigate this seller’s market on your behalf. Pick up the phone – whether you are ready to act or just ready to chat, I’m here to help.


Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


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