3 Top Plan-Ahead Tips for a Winter Home Sale

If you are thinking about listing your home for sale this winter, I have tips for what you can do now to prepare for a successful listing over the next few months.

Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21 this year, but residents of Colorado know we’ll likely experience wintery weather before the season is official. If you are considering a winter listing, take external pictures of your home now to ensure you’ll have snow-free photos to post online. Part of my job as your Realtor is to plan ahead alongside you, and if you are planning to list in December or January, I’m happy to pop by to take great pictures of the outside of your home on a sunny afternoon before the snow flies.

Curb appeal matters all year long. Replace your welcome mat with a seasonally appropriate one. Clean up autumn detritus now to ensure your yard looks its best with or without snow cover. Clear leaves and other debris, cut flower beds back and clean gutters. If you are planning a spring listing, you’ll want to fertilize your lawn now to be in top shape for spring showings.

Take care of any delayed maintenance before the big chill. Squeaky doors, cracked window panes and flaking or peeling exterior paint will be easier to attend to now than in colder months. Now is also a great time to give your windows a wash on a warm day if you haven’t done so recently. Take a walk around your house at night to make sure all of your exterior lights have working bulbs. Daytime showings are preferable during cold winter months, but winter daylight is fleeting in Colorado; you’ll want to have all exterior lighting in good working order.

Whether you are ready to buy tomorrow, list next week or make your move next year, I’m here to help you plan for Real Estate success. Give me a call or drop a line – I’m happy to help.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


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