October – More Treats than Tricks in Denver Real Estate

According to a November 5th Metrolist Inc report, housing prices in the Denver area increased by 9.12% year over year in October.

While prices remained steady from October with a slight decrease in the overall number of closed sales (4628 in October vs 4730 in September), statistics continue to show that the housing market in Denver is on the way up.

Another thumbs up from the market? Average days on the market in October was 44, down significantly from 66 average days on the market the same time last year.

What does this mean for you, Average Joe {or Jane} considering selling your home? This information means that selling your home is an even more viable proposition than it was a year ago. Homes are not languishing on the market – even in October, which historically is not the strongest month of the year by any means. Home prices are impressively better than they were one year ago. I’m thrilled that the average sales price is above the 300k mark. This is good news for my industry, and great news for regular folks looking to make a move.

Need more information? Call me to talk turkey! {I love a Thanksgiving pun as much as the next guy.} I’m happy to give you the inside track on your community and let you know what is happening with homes in your neighborhood or price point.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


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