Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous… And the Rest of Us


If you’ve got a cool $3-7 Million laying around, you’ll find a handful of Denver’s most expensive home listings at the link above.

If you are not in the high-falutin’-big-spender category – I’d love to tell you about some of the deals to be had in your neighborhood. For starters, let’s look at average home prices around the Denver Metro area.

Median price in Aurora from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $191,125 

Median price in Castle Rock from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $315,000

Median price in Centennial from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $290,500                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  (up over 10% from the prior year)

Median price in Denver from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $243,000

Median price in Englewood from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $235,000

Median price in Highlands Ranch from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $325,000 (up almost 11%)

Median price in Lakewood from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $240,000

Median price in Littleton from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $265,000

Median price in Lone Tree from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $435,000 (up almost 16%)

Median price in Parker from Oct ’13 to Jan ’14: $316,500

(Source: Trulia)

Are you wondering what your home is worth, or what it’ll cost to buy your first home, next home, or dream home? Let’s talk. I would be pleased to help you maximize the potential of your current home or assist with your new home purchase.

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Lucky 17 – we’re breaking records here in Denver!

According to Metrolist, there were 17 percent more homes sold in Metro Denver in 2013, at 54,024, compared to 46,299 sold during 2012.

“The Denver metro area real estate market saw all-time highs in 2013 for both home sales and average price,” said Kirby Slunaker, CEO and president of Metrolist. “While the market cooled slightly at year-end, as one would expect, the numbers year over year are just incredible.”

Metro Denver single family home sales broke the previous all-time record of 41,682 set in 2004, coming in at 42,762 single-family homes sold in 2013.

So among my resolutions this New Year? I’ve resolved to be more optimistic – about traffic,  the weather, the US government… and I am definitely feeling optimistic about the Metro Denver real estate market. There are buyers for owners looking to sell, homes are still moving at a cheerful clip, and the sun is shining, folks! It’s a great time to go house shopping.

So call me or drop a line – I’d love to help you find your own reason to smile about Denver real estate.

Jack Meyers
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