Temps are Rising in Denver Area Real Estate

The good folks over at Zillow (www.zillow.com) rate the current Denver Metro Real Estate market as “Very Hot.”

Home values in Denver Metro have risen 7% over the past year, and Zillow predicts a rise of 1.6% over the next year. So what does a HOT market mean for you as a potential buyer or seller of Real Estate? 

Sellers – now is your time to shine! In this market there are more buyers than homes available, and you can take advantage of that factor to sell your home in a timely manner, and for a price you can be happy with. 

Buyers – Don’t go it alone! If you want or need to buy a home, the right home, for a price you can afford, is out there. But you’ll need an experienced Realtor to help you navigate the Seller’s Market we are experiencing right now. 

Renters – Median rental rates in the Denver Metro area range from $1300-1500, depending on which area of town you are seeking a rental. Depending on your situation you may need or want to rent temporarily, but with single family homes (3 bedrooms) in South Suburban Metro Denver renting for $1800-$2000 and beyond, you owe it to yourself, and your family if you have one, to consider a home purchase. The $2000 you hand over to a Landlord each month could be buying equity in a home you call your own. 

So how HOT is the market in your neighborhood? Give me a call and we’ll run the numbers. Every suburb is unique, and every neighborhood has its own unique set of circumstances that will affect the value of a home you may want to sell, or the next home you’d like to buy. 

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


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