Managing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a hot topic in shelter magazines, on television and on the internet – and for good reason. First impressions are absolutely vital in my business. From the health of your grass to the state of your siding to the style of your house numbers, what a potential buyer sees when they pull up to your property can make or break whether they’ll keep your home on the list. Managing your curb appeal is good for your self esteem (who doesn’t want to have a great looking house to come home to – the envy of the block!) and if you are aiming for a particular selling price or a quick sale, your home needs to shine from the outside in. Let’s talk specifics.

The Front Door

Consider the style of your home – if your home is traditional, go with the flow and opt for a door to match. In addition, consider the feel of your neighborhood and the choices of other neighbors. The glossy orange you love in a magazine might stick out like a sore thumb in your neutral neighborhood. In general, lighter or darker colors make a better impression than middle-of-the-road shades. The most popular colors are white and red followed by blue, green and brown. Consider that a white door may be more difficult to keep clean.

Take a Self Guided Tour

Walk around your neighborhood with an eye for curb appeal and make note of what catches your eye or turns you off about your neighbors’ curb appeal presentation. Grab a pen and notebook and consider your own home from the curb with a critical eye. The off-kilter aspects of your curb appeal that you’ve learned to live with will make an impression on buyers. Make note, and make updates.

Take a Number

Dated house numbers can take the whole house down with them – and your sale! No matter how great the yard looks, I always notice if house numbers are outdated. They should be clean, play well with the style of your home, and coordinate with the outdoor lighting and door hardware. Visit Pinterest for style and placement ideas.

Put the Pressure On

Rent or borrow a pressure washer to clean siding, the deck and the driveway. It’ll be like a carwash for your home, and well worth the minimal cost and time investment.

Let the Sun Shine In

Open blinds and curtains to let the maximum amount of light into your home. Sunshine sells. And while you’re thinking about those windows – wash them! You’ll be amazed what clean windows will do for your interior.

Green Scene

If the season allows, this is the time to invest in great lawn care (professional if your budget allows) and to perk up your porch or entry with fresh flowers in hanging or potted containers and in existing flower beds. Whatever you do, DITCH THE PLASTIC. Buyers won’t appreciate your fake daisies; they don’t look good, and they won’t reflect well on your home. Silk flowers are acceptable in a tasteful seasonal wreath on the door, but potting them on the porch is a no-no.

Details = Dollars

Replace your welcome mat with a brand new version, polish your door hardware and top off mulch in your garden beds. Take a deep breath – if your goal is to sell, take away the “Welcome to the Smiths” sign, and anything else that screams “This home is taken!” You want the buyer to envision themselves in your home, and your personalized tchotchkes will only get in the way.

If you need a professional opinion on the value of your home, or a referral to a lawn or painting surface to spruce up your home’s curb appeal, I’m here to help. Drop a line any time.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


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