Have we Closed the Door on Open Houses?


Denverites – in case you haven’t noticed, we are in a Seller’s Market right now! Yeah for Sellers! And Buyers – working with an experienced Realtor is a must in this hot market to ensure you get the right home for you and the very best deal possible.

One trend I’ve noticed the last few months is a decrease in the number of open houses across the Denver metro area. Why? One reason for this apparent policy change among listing agents is that Buyers have become an even more active partner in the search for potential homes. Savvy agents have access to technology that allows us to alert you instantly 24 hours a day the moment a property meeting your desired specifications goes on the market, changes status or experiences a price change. Agents and Buyers are able to watch the market like a hawk, and visiting open houses doesn’t feel necessary with this level of ready access to home info.

Another factor in the open house decline is the state of the market itself. In a Buyer’s market, potential home purchasers may have a ton of inventory to choose from, and holding open houses may be a way for Sellers to gain an edge among the competition. In the Denver area marketplace, things are moving so quickly there is hardly time to squeeze in an open house before many listings are taking offers. Holding an open house is simply not a necessary part of the equation in this market.

So what about you? Have you been thinking about upsizing, downsizing or rightsizing? Let me help you find a hidden gem or sell your property for top dollar. Give me a call for a Current Market Analysis or a quick search of available properties in your desired neighborhood.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate


What are your thoughts?

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