Get Ready for Grandma – and Listing Your Home

Its a Wonderful Life

It really is A Wonderful Life, isn’t it? Christmas is in the air, and your impending house guests are finalizing travel plans to be with you to celebrate. Visions of sugarplums are dancing in your head… Or maybe it’s your lengthy to-do list and visions of peeling wallpaper in the guest room?

If you’ve been planning to list your home in the New Year, you can conquer your listing to-do list at the same time you ready your home for holiday guests, and you’ve still got time to pull off a Miracle on 34th Street – or wherever you happen to live.

1. Declutter before Uncle Buck arrives on your doorstep. Imagine all the lovely gifts you’ll be receiving in a few days, and let that give you the courage to Let it Go! Ask everyone in the family to tackle their own space and trash/donate/find a home for the stuff filling your space.

2. Paint the Town Red… Well – maybe a nice neutral, anyway! If your son’s room is still the shade of Dinosaur Green he loved in Kindergarten (and he left for college last year), it’s time to crack open a can of paint and neutralize those walls. Painting is relatively easy, and one of the most affordable changes you can make to your home. Neutralize bold colors, and freshen up dingy paint in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Freshen up the front yard. If you left the detritus of last summer’s blooms in your front yard, or you’ve got piles of dirty snow scattered about, now is the time to tame your curb appeal. Make sure exterior lighting is up to date and all bulbs are functioning. Update door hardware if need be. Cut back rowdy bushes or trees. While this time of year may not offer ideal whether for pruning, curb appeal matters all year long.

4. Spring for those fresh window treatments or that bedding you’ve been eyeing. And update the towels while you’re at it. If you are considering investing in a bit of interior staging, why not show off your new towels and sheets to the guests you’re expecting? They’ll still be fresh and new in a month or so when your house goes on the market.

5. Clean the carpets and the appliances – and keep ’em that way.

If you are considering listing your home now, or any time next year – give me a jingle. I’m happy to help you sort through the details of preparing your home for sale.


Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate 


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