The 5 Best Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

If you are considering selling your Denver-area home, you’ll want to get right on that! There are fewer homes for sale than the number of buyers in our marketplace, and this high level of demand amidst inadequate supply continues to create upward movement in the price you can expect to receive for your home.

If you really want to maximize the sales potential of your home either now or in the future, here are five projects to consider before you list – even if you won’t be selling this year:

1. ANY improvements to the Kitchen and Bathrooms will pay dividends.

GO BIG: Replace counters with granite slab – still popular among buyers.

$MALLER UPDATE: Update paint or cabinet hardware.

2. Upgrade Curb or Backyard Appeal.

GO BIG: If you enjoy a mountain view, add a deck or patio.

$MALLER UPDATE: Refresh a front or back deck with Deck Over; your patio will look brand new!

3. Finish the Basement.

GO BIG: Solicit several contractor bids and finish the basement; be sure to include a bathroom.

$MALLER UPDATE: Paint concrete flooring a bright white and install add’l inexpensive lighting.

4. Jazz up the Garage.

GO BIG: Paint the floor in an attractive speckled finish; install floor to ceiling storage; update the garage door.

$MALLER UPDATE: Give the entire garage a good cleaning and move your stuff into storage – free up as much floor            space as possible to expand the visual impression of your space, and ideally – leave the garage empty or, if a two                car, park just one vehicle in the garage to leave space for buyers to explore.

5. Add an Extra Bedroom.

You know that home office you love “commuting” to every day? When you are ready to sell, it’s time to turn that valuable Real Estate back into a bedroom. Whether your home features 2, 3, 4 or even 5+ bedrooms, an additional bedroom will always net you more at the closing table than a home office. It’s fine to leave a work area in place for the duration of your listing – as long as there is room for a bed and the space is clearly staged as a bedroom that happens, also, to have a desk in it. It’s worth the cost of purchasing, renting or borrowing a bed repainting if necessary to properly stage the space as a bedroom.

Are you thinking about updating your home for sale, or for your own enjoyment? Give me a call to chat about which updates are the best investment in our current market, and for the long term. 

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate 


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