The Sky is Falling! Wait a Second – it’s just INTEREST RATES!

Falling Interest Rates

According to a recent Denver Post article, “U.S. mortgage rates declined for a second week, sending costs for 30-year loans to the lowest in more than a month as the busiest homebuying season gets underway.”

But there are just so many reasons not to buy a home…

  • Hey – you are already paying a mortgage. For your Landlord.
  • It’s fun to hear your upstairs neighbor listen to loud music. At 3 a.m. It’s almost like you’re invited to the party!
  • Tax deductible mortgage interest? Nah. Your tax dollars matter. Somebody has to keep the IRS running. Why not you?
  • You like white walls. Like, a lot. If you owned your own home you might want to paint them, and change is scary.
  • Equity Shmequity. Your Nascar memorabilia collection is someday going to be worth big bucks.
  • You don’t have a yard for the dog you also don’t have, but your goldfish Spot is a close second.
  •  If you buy a home, you’ll lose gym privileges. And you really liked that gym when you went last year. Once. 
  • But *gasp* what *gasp* if *gasp* the shower drain *gasp* gets clogged??? There are no plumbers around here.

If these are the issues keeping you up at night – congratulations! Renting (and paying somebody else’s mortgage) is the right choice for you. Stay put – and start saving for the rising cost of rent across Metro Denver.

If you are the kind of person who likes to pick out paint, isn’t afraid to tackle a leaking faucet (or call a plumber) and the idea of building financial equity through the increasing value of your own home appeals to you – well – it’s time to take the leap!

Interest rates are on your side, friend, and so am I. Drop a line or give me a call to talk about your home ownership goals and dreams. Ready to buy? Ready to move? Wondering what your next steps are? Let’s talk. 

I look forward to hearing from you,

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate 


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