Your Final Walk Through – Do it Right

Walk Through

You’ve gone under contract on your home purchase, finalized financing, passed the home inspection – and now you’re ready to close, right? Not so fast! Before you sit down at the closing table, there is one more important inspection to complete: the Final Walk Through of your home.

Although this inspection will take less time and is often more casual than the formal Home Inspection you hired a professional to conduct, this appointment is no less important. Read on for tips to help you conduct your Final Walk Through right.

  • Room by room, inspect ceilings, walls and floors thoroughly now that furniture and wall hangings are gone.
  • Flip on lights and ceiling fans in every room.
  • Try out the garbage disposal and any exhaust fans in the kitchen.
  • Check to see if the fridge is on, or is off and has been defrosted. If it’s off and you are moving in within a few days, you may want to plug it back in in anticipation of your arrival.
  • Test all appliances, including in the kitchen and any others included in your transaction.
  • Test all outlets. You can pick up an outlet tester like this one at any hardware store.
  • Open and close all doors and windows to check for defects.
  • Run water in each sink, bathtub or shower. Flush each toilet.
  • Check around pipes for obvious signs of leaks.
  • Ensure all inclusions are present – washer/dryer, window treatments, etc.
  • Test the garage door opener.
  • Bonus Tip: Schedule your walk through before the day of closing if possible. If you uncover issues, you’ll want to address them with the seller prior to closing.

Are you excited to start your own home search? Give me a buzz – you’ll need a guide in this fast moving market, and I’d be happy to help – from home search to closing table.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate 


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