Fun House

I take my work seriously, and the success of each and every home sale or purchase I assist with matters greatly to me. But for just a moment, I’d like to offer you a chipper piece of advice for after you move into your new place:

Don’t take yourself, or your home, too seriously! 

Home means different things to different people: Love. Comfort. Shelter. Family. Hustle-bustle. Even fun!

Work with a Realtor to find the right home in the right neighborhood at a price you can confidently afford, and then have fun with it. Hang a goofy picture of yourself in elementary school alongside those of your children. Buy a flashy pet bed for your dachshund and set it proudly alongside the couch. Install speakers in the family room to rock your favorite tunes – or just blast those tunes on your phone. And while you’re listening? Don’t be afraid to sing along or dance around the living room with the kids, the dog, or all by your bad self. After all – you’re home! 

Dancing in the Living Room

If gathering fellow intellectuals around your reclaimed wood dining table to discuss Proust and sip an expensive vintage of red wine is your idea of a party – rock on! Just don’t neglect to truly live in your home. Life is too short to leave the dust covers on the furniture and treat your home as too-precious for daily use or invited guests.

Take a cue from these serendipitous homes around the world:

Are you looking around the confines of your tiny apartment or the dated decor of your suburban relic and pondering what a new vista might look like? Call me. Whether you want to Buy, Sell or just have fun chatting about Real Estate, I’m your guy.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate 


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