Top 5 Must Haves: Buying a Home

Once people are ready to begin the home search – they are really, really ready. No thumb twiddling, no lengthy pondering sessions… Buyers I work with are generally chomping at the bit to search in earnest until the ideal home is within their grasp, and the last thing they want is a pile of obstacles in their way.

House Key

One of the most annoying things to trip over on the path to home ownership – is your own two feet!

While it’s tempting to create an exhaustive list of every future-home-wish you can think of, you’ll have more fun – and way more options – if you keep your list of must-haves shorter and simpler. I recommend making a list of 5 non-negotiables in the makeup of your next home. Price is a separate issue, and once you know how much home you can afford and how much mortgage you qualify for (this will happen when you work with a mortgage broker to qualify for a mortgage before you begin your search), you can choose any 5 must haves to aid your Realtor in the search.

Passing Along the Keys

A Few Considerations for Your Next Home (Pick any 5 from this list – or add your own)

Location (ideal neighborhood, close to schools, near a park, short commute)

# Bedrooms

# Bathrooms

Square Footage

Finished Basement

Floor plan (open layout, ranch, bedrooms all on one level)

Yard (fully landscaped, deck/outdoor living space, size of backyard)

Energy efficiency

Garage (attached, detached, single, double +)

Storage Space

Amenities (office, den, formal dining room, rec room, playroom)

Curb Appeal

Things not to base your home search on include: interior finishes (if everything else is a match – you can make changes to flooring, walls, cabinets, appliances, counters, etc.), lack of curb appeal but in a good neighborhood – including things like a big ugly tree in the front yard (you can tear out the tree if the house is perfect.)

Are you dreaming of a white picket fence of your own? Or maybe a penthouse condo in the sky or a log cabin in a patch of woods… Here in the Denver area, you’ve got options.

Drop me a line or give me a call – I would be honored to help you find a place to call home here in Colorado.


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