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This is the time of year when I begin hearing things like, “Oh – we’re waiting until Spring to sell the house.” Or, “Gee, Jack – the market is pretty slow this time of year, isn’t it? We’ll put the sign up in February or March.”

And rest assured, friends: in February and beyond, The Meyers Group will be here to serve all of your real estate needs. In fact – I’d love to hear from you in the Spring! What I don’t want you to do, though, is put off your life’s plans because you buy into the notion that real estate isn’t happening through Autumn and Winter.

Here’s why: 

  1. It’s Always Sunny in Denver (69% of the time, anyway). If you’ve convinced yourself the weather will turn off potential Buyers – think again.
  2. It only takes one showing to sell a house. Generally, Denver-area listing experience less showing traffic during the last and first quarters of the year. So what! It only takes one showing – the RIGHT showing – to sell a house. Buyers shopping in the cooler months tend to be serious. Fewer looky-loos might mean less showing traffic, but it doesn’t mean your property won’t sell.
  3. Less competition is a good thing. Even in a Seller’s market, the fewer properties your house is competing with, the better. Do you want to be one of 50 homes a Buyer might see in your neighborhood, or one of, say, 28? Ask any property shopper and they’ll tell you – after a couple of long days of touring homes, many of them start to run together. Stand out from the crowd by selling your home in a less crowded marketplace.
  4. You’ll be a fresh dish among the leftovers of Summer! You know that crusty Tupperware container you once discovered filled with the now-unidentifiable odds and ends of a dinner you don’t remember saving? Sometimes property listings are like that. Savvy agents refresh their listings or even temporarily remove a listing from the market to put it back on as a “new” listing, but other savvy agents know how to find the history of a property listing – and if a home has been languishing on the market all Summer and into Autumn, they’ll know. When your home comes on the market as a brand new listing during the Fall/Winter months, you’ll be a tasty morsel for agents and Buyers who are tired of Summer’s “leftovers.”
  5. Fall and Winter are when the coziness of home really calls to us. As a purveyor of homes, I have gotten to know houses pretty well over the past 21+ years in the biz. Would you believe me if I told you houses – brick and mortar though they be – have favorite seasons? And for many homes in the Denver area, those favorite seasons are Autumn and Winter. Imagine a charming midcentury bungalow with a blazing maple sprinkling the front yard with colorful leaves like confetti. Or a traditional two-story home in the suburbs twinkling with white lights, a wreath bedecking the front door. During these seasons when the weather turns cooler and family traditions of home and hearth are dear to us, your home can truly shine for potential Buyers. (On the other hand, I’ll admit all this dreamy nostalgia kind of makes me want to stay put in my own home!)


So… call me! Whether you pick up the phone now or wait until February, The Meyers Group is here to help you successfully navigate the Denver real estate market. And if you aren’t sure what to do next? We’ll help you make informed choices along the way to decide when to Buy and when to Sell across Metro Denver.


Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
Twitter: @jackestate


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