Hey Kid – Go Buy a House!

So – you’ve got a car payment, your Netflix subscription and rent to come up with every month… take stock and consider this: the money you are tossing into a bucket called “Living a Small Life” could be building equity for you every month as a house payment.

Baby Keys

You could totally trade these in for a real set!

Buying a house while you are still young is a coup worth pulling off, and there are many reasons why, including:

  1. Creative freedom. Paint the kitchen cabinets lime green if you feel like it. Put in that kitschy black and white tile floor you’ve always wanted. Pull down the tacky vertical blinds and replace them with chic fabric window treatments. When you own the place, you’re the boss!
  2. Buying a home is an awesome investment! Instead of paying somebody else’s mortgage, you should be paying your own.
  3. Appreciation – it’s not just for teachers! Over time, the investment in your home will grow in value. That’s what real estate does!
  4. ROI – as your home appreciates you’ll reap a Return On Investment.
  5. Rental income. You can buy a home with space to rent, a duplex with a whole half to rent – or buy a property specifically to bring in rental income. The rental market is strong in Denver and prospects look good for the future, too. The right property can earn you enough rent to cover the mortgage and then some.

Whether you are young, just over the hill or at the bottom of the other side, I’m here to help you navigate the opportunities the Denver real estate market has to offer you. Give me a call to find out what’s happening in the market now.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
Twitter: @jackestate



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