10 Ways to Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Whether you’ve moved in right before the holidays or any time, there are simple but effective ways to make a new-to-you house feel like home even faster.

Dancing in the Living Room

  • Start a new tradition. Whether that’s Friday Movie Night, an evening walk in your new neighborhood or a fresh regular topic around the dinner table, traditions bring families closer and will help you make new memories in your home.
  • Bake something. Anything, really. The act of making something with your own hands (out of a box definitely counts!) is a homey one, and will fill your new home with delicious smells as well. Not much of a cook? Put 10 drops of vanilla extract into a small oven safe dish and bake at 375 degrees for 10 or 15 minutes. You won’t have anything to nosh on, but your kitchen will fill with a toasty vanilla smell. (This is also a great open house trick!)
  • Hang a favorite family picture in a prominent place. This might be your own family, the grandparents, a favorite family snapshot with cousins. Smiling loved ones framed on the wall will say “home” every time you look at them.
  • Invite new neighbors over for cider & cookies. Or lemonade and strawberry shortcake. Or cocktails. Whatever your speed (or the season), getting to know your nearby neighbors will help you feel more at home, and having ties in your immediate community means you’ll have someone to call on in a bind.
  • Purchase brand new door mats. A fresh seasonal door mat says “welcome” to visitors to your home, and even to you.
  • Invest in high quality sheets. If you’re ever going to splurge on great bed linens, now is the time! Moving is exhausting, and you’ll love tucking yourself in with a bit of luxury.
  • Complete one room – any room. In my own moving experiences, and based on client feedback, one of the biggest frustrations people experience after moving is the undone feeling throughout their new home. The kitchen is in chaos, you can’t find the towels, your favorite jeans are MIA… Once the moving truck is unloaded and you’ve gotten a decent night or two of sleep, focus on finishing a single room. Paint, window treatments, furniture arrangement, closet organization – do it all. Even if it takes you months (or longer) to put the rest of the house in order, it will offer you a bit of comfort, and a sense of accomplishment, to enjoy a room that is done.
  • Break something/spill something/burn something! Disaster makes for some pretty great memories (you really will laugh about this… someday!), and if you burn the frozen pizza to a crisp and set off all the smoke alarms (a family tradition you are famous for), you’ll know you’re home.
  • Host a game night. So what if your version of game night is Solitaire on a t.v. tray? Find an excuse to play, and you’ll be feeling at home before you know it. If you haven’t played a board game in awhile, pick up a new one. For $25 bucks you can build memories and get the whole family in on the action.
  • Play your favorite music and dance in the living room. A new house is something to celebrate. So cut loose, cut up, and make yourself at home!

Are you ready to write your own Our New Home story? I’d love to be your guide on the journey. Call me to find out what’s happening in your favorite neighborhoods across Metro Denver.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
Twitter: @jackestate



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