Seasonal Storytelling

Sellers are sometimes reluctant to list their home for sale during the winter season. In my 21+ years in Denver Real Estate, I’ve come to expect this hesitance. I’ve also celebrated many successful transactions during this time of year with both Buyers and Sellers, and I believe there are positives to Listing or Buying in the “off season,” not least of which is a comparative advantage for Sellers as there are fewer homes on the market, and winter season home shoppers tend to be serious about the process.


One unique way to market a home during the winter months

is by telling your home’s year-round story.

Buyers may struggle to look past an icy sidewalk and snowy facade to the brilliant curb appeal your home will feature in the spring and summer months – but you can help them envision your home year round by sharing pictures and details of how you live during the rest of the year.

If you know you’ll be selling in the next 1, 2 or even 5 years, plan a seasonal storybook of your home for a future sale. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to pull this off – you just need a digital camera and the ability to type up a few sentences about your home.

Step 1: Consider your home’s best angle. Some homes have an amazing back deck or patio and are great photographed from the backyard. Other homes look best with a traditional curb appeal shot. Take an outdoor shot of your home during Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn on a nice day that features leaves, green grass, growing plants or fresh snowfall – depending on which season you are highlighting. Create a file on your computer called Home Sale to store the shots you take. You’ll want to find them easily when it comes time to sell – and you’ll need these photographs in advance to include in your “storybook.”

Step 2: Create a document with information on the joy’s of your home each season of the year to share with potential Buyers. Do you have a raised garden bed filled with blooming perennials every spring? Do you enjoy walking the trails just steps from your home all summer long? Can you watch the sun setting over the Rockies from your bedroom window or back deck? Do your kids love the sledding hill just 2 blocks away? Does your Japanese Maple really shine in the fall, or maybe you harvest apples from the tree in the backyard every year and have enough to share with neighbors. Think of every seasonal thing you enjoy in your home, neighborhood or suburb and write up a few sentences or bullet points with this information under each seasonal header.

This personal approach to selling your home will leave an impression with Buyers every time, because it says, “We care about this home. We’ve loved living here, and you will, too!”

Are you planning a winter sale of your home, or maybe wondering if you should begin your house hunt in our competitive market now, or wait for the spring rush? Call or email to talk about the pros and cons of waiting vs. jumping right in. I’m happy to help you plan your next move, on your timeline.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
Twitter: @jackestate


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