Why your Home Isn’t Selling

Believe it or not, any home will sell in any market – at the right price. Most of the time when showings lapse or a home languishes on the market while other homes sell, price is the answer, and a price adjustment is the fix. The Denver Real Estate market is one of the hottest in the country, and right now Sellers are experiencing some of the lowest days on the market we’ve seen in a few years – and properly priced homes are selling within a percentage or two of list price, typically.


But what if your house isn’t selling? Let’s take a look at common barriers to getting your house sold when price is not the culprit:

  • The house is all about you – and Buyers can’t envision themselves living there. You should truly live in your home while you own it, and that includes hanging pictures of your family and pets, displaying mementos of travel and favorite memories, and painting your dining room scarlet red and apple green, if that’s what you’re into. Once your house is on the market, part of your job as the seller is to help the Buyer see themselves in your home; that includes removing personal artifacts like family photos, sports memorabilia, religious items, overly taste-specific paint colors and clutter. Sellers who haven’t done this tend to wait longer for a sale and accept a lower price.
  • Location matters. I once had clients buy a beautiful home in Parker with a long view onto green space, fields and trees. A few years down the road, their lovely view turned into Chambers Road in Parker – now a major thoroughfare hosting a significant amount of traffic. The location of their home was still good, but when it came time to sell, Buyers absolutely factored the location near a major road into their offer. This issue couldn’t be controlled, but if you can buy a home in an ideal location, do it. You can make changes and upgrades to a so-so home, but you can’t pick it up and move it to a better location.
  • The Floor Plan feels UNplanned. Consumer taste in floor plans can change over time. Some people love open concept, some people would rather have a separate, formal dining room than one large great room. If your home has a choppy floor plan though, it may take longer to sale and your price should reflect the desirability of your style of home. You don’t have to call in a contractor to fix it – but you do have to be realistic about what Buyers will pay if your floor plan is less than ideal.
  • The house is in obvious need of TLC.  Fix-and-flip shows are fun to watch on HGTV, but not every Buyer is willing (or financially able) to make a variety of repairs or updates to a newly purchased home; some Buyers prefer a move-in-ready property, and if your home needs work or feels rough around the edges, it may take longer to sell, and the final price is likely to reflect the condition of the house. Do what you can to bring your house up to snuff, and if there are issues in need of a little love from the next owner, be prepared to pay for them through a lower sales price.
  • Buyers are turning up their noses – literally. If your home features any sort of unpleasant odor, for any reason, take care of it before you put your home on the market. You don’t have to get rid of the cats, but do perform litter box duty daily, and invest in a plug in air filter for that space. If you have dogs or diapers or musty smells lurking, use unscented Febreze on carpet, furniture and other fabric surfaces daily. Don’t try to cover up smells with perfumed sprays or candles though; litter box + Forest Meadow still smells like litter box, and you’re not fooling anybody. Try this cool trick: pour a splash of vanilla or almond extract (or both) into an oven safe dish and bake at 375 degrees for a few minutes. After turning off the oven, leave the door open to allow the aroma to waft through the space. Your whole house will smell like you’ve been baking for a few hours.
  • Your house is giving Buyers the cold (or hot!) shoulder. For winter showings, crank up the thermostat a couple of degrees beyond where you normally set it. In the summer, run the AC and/or fans throughout the house to welcome Buyers in from the heat. The physical comfort level in your home can either enhance the viewing experience for Buyers, or distract from it. A cold and drafty house is a turnoff for Buyers, and so is a hot and stuffy house. Help them remember your house as “the cozy one” or “the cool one,” depending on the season.

Are you thinking about spiffing up your digs in preparation for a spring Listing? Call the Meyers Group. We’re here to help you sell your Denver area home for top dollar on the timeline that fits your needs.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
Twitter: @jackestate


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