Thoughtful Questions Buyers should Ask

Ask Good Questions

Buying a home is a big deal, and whether it’s your first time or your 14th, you’ll likely have loads of questions about a home you may purchase. What year was it built? What’s the square footage? How many bedrooms? Read on for outside-the-box questions you should ask about a house you want to buy.

  • What direction does the home face? When the snow flies and it’s time to dig yourself out, you’ll be glad you asked. To maximize the sun’s potential in helping you get the job done, buy a home facing east or south. If you shop for a home in winter, you’ll notice the yards facing north or west tend to stay covered in snow for days and days longer than those facing east or south.
  • Does the yard slope properly? A properly sloping yard will help you avoid home moisture issues and protect your home’s foundation. You can determine ground slope by walking around the exterior and determining visually whether the ground slopes away from the house for the first 5-10 feet immediately surrounding the house. Pay attention to the homes on each side of your potential purchase. Do surrounding yards slope toward your yard, causing potential moisture build up? If so, adequate ground slope is even more important.
  • What are noise levels like in the neighborhood? If you’re buying a house with plans to live in it long term, you’ll want to know if the semi-busy road nearby stays that way until midnight every evening. Are there noisy neighbors who whoop it up every Saturday night? Drive by the home a few evenings and on weekends at varying times to get a feel for the noise level.
  • What will your commute be like? Giving your potential new commute a try out may mean driving a few extra miles, but “going the extra mile” can help you make a major decision about buying the house. Some suburban commutes in Denver turn 15 miles into 50 minutes – or more. Do your research to make sure you’ll be happy with time spent on the road from your new neighborhood.
  • How do nearby schools rank? This question is important for any buyer, whether or not you have kids in school. Great schools in the area can help a house sell, and a home in a popular school district is often a wise investment.

If you’re thinking about real estate, you’ve probably got questions. I’ve been answering questions about Denver area real estate for over 21 years, and I’d be happy to help you find the answers you seek.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group 
Twitter: @jackestate



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