Go Plant a Tree

The benefits of planting trees are many, including utility-bill decreasing shade, potential fruit as the tree matures, added curb appeal and even added value when it’s time to sell your home.

Plant a Tree

Before you head to your local nursery, here are a few tips on proper tree planting: 

Dig it right! Most people mistakenly dig a deep/narrow hole to plop a new tree into; planted too deep, the roots will not get enough oxygen for the tree to grow and thrive. If the hole is too narrow, the roots can’t expand well, which will affect the growth of the plant and also prevent it from anchoring properly – and nobody likes a wonky, cockeyed tree. A tree is a long term investment in your yard and deserves careful consideration.

Don’t be shallow – or narrow minded! Plant your tree at a depth equal to the soil it’s been growing in. You can eyeball the size of the pot or burlap sack the tree is planted in, or pull out a tape measure for accuracy. Don’t worry if the hole seems too shallow; if your hole is the same depth as the pot, you’re good to go. The width of the hole should be 3 times the diameter of the root ball or container at minimum, and 4 or 5x is great, too. If your tree is bare-root, aim for 3 times the spread of the existing roots. Once you fill the hole back in, the tree will then have enough worked earth to establish a healthy root structure.

Consider the soil content of your yard. If you’ll be planting your tree in clay soil, you’ll want to avoid glazing, which occurs when the sides and bottom of the hole are so smooth and slick they create a barrier to water. Use a small rake or fork to work up the soil in the bottom of the hole and drag it along the sides of the hole to break down the smooth surface so water can pass. You can also create a slightly raised center at the bottom of the hole, which will direct water and keep it from pooling in one spot after the tree is planted.

For ideas on which trees grow best in your Colorado neighborhood, check out this insightful article from the Denver Post.

I’d love to help you and yours bloom where you are planted in a just-right Denver area home. Give me a ring to begin your home search today.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
Twitter: @jackestate



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