5 Ways to Fall Back in Love with Your House

Have you fallen out of love with your home? 

I love my work as a Realtor here in beautiful Denver, CO — helping people sell their home to move on to the next big thing, and helping others find their next just-right home. It’s a great way to spend my days!

Sometimes, though, I meet up with friends & clients who have no plans to move, but have lost the spark they once had with their houses. I have a few tips for teaching your old house new tricks, and making the house you live in right now — sparkle & shine.

5 Tips to Help You Love Your House Again

Remove something from each room. You don’t have to complete a whirlwind decluttering session to change the character of a room. Start with whatever room you spend the most time in, and remove 2-3 items you don’t use often. A small ottoman that doesn’t see much use, a pile of magazines that are out of date, or a piece or two of artwork that are no longer favorites. Less really is more.

Wash the Windows. Seriously! Having all the windows in your home professionally cleaned is probably cheaper than you think, and will give your house a bright new outlook. Spring is a great time to do it, and some operators offer late-winter specials, before their busy season kicks in. Call me if you need a recommendation.

Bring life to your home. Studies have shown that indoor plants can purify the air in your home, reducing levels of airborne bacteria and mold in the process. They can also increase oxygen levels, reduce stress and improve your ability to focus. Houseplants are a relatively inexpensive way to freshen your space; if you’re a bit of a brown thumb, just consider how much cheaper long-lasting houseplants are than flowers, and when Mr. Plant dies, just pick out a new one.

Repurpose your spare room. How often do you really have house guests? If the answer is once or twice a year, you may be wasting space on a designated guest room. How about turning it into a fabulous walk in closet, or that home office you’ve always wanted? Having the kids bunk together for a night or two when Grandma’s in town is totally doable — especially if it means you gain usable square footage that adds to your life year-round.

Make more memories. If your home has started to feel a bit stale, maybe it’s not the decor. Maybe you need to do a little more living in your living room. Plan a family game night once a month, or host a neighborhood chili cook-off. Hold an indoor scavenger hunt with the kids, or pick an outdated space that you can roll up your sleeves and paint or revamp — together. New memories build intrinsic value into your home, and remind you why you picked this house in the first place.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate



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