8 Ways to Make Your Home Look Cheap

If you love playing house, there are a myriad of ways to make your home look like a million bucks. There are also common mistakes that can make your home look less than spectacular — but they’re easy to avoid with a little knowledge and thoughtful planning.

Rinkadink Rugs. When choosing a rug, make sure at least the front legs of every piece of furniture anchored by the rug are on the rug. Buy the biggest rug you can afford; it’s better to invest in a right-size rug than buy one you like, but smaller than is ideal.

Settling for Basic Lighting. Brace yourselves — this is about to get #real. There is almost nothing tackier than boob lights, and you probably have one or more of these bad boys in your house right now.

Matchy-Matchy Furniture Syndrome. Lookalike furniture sets are an option, but certainly not the only one. Resist the easy button at the furniture store, and head in a more stylish direction by purchasing items that compliment, but don’t copy, each other. It’s okay to mix wood finishes, paint colors, different metals — and a room with a variety of styles and finishes is much more interesting than a room with an exact set of furnishings.

Plastic Plants. If you want your home to look…fake, phony, and cheap — faux greenery is the way to go. If you want to breathe life, style, and fresh air into your home — go for the real thing. Living plants bring new life and positive energy to your home, while fake plants just gather dust.

Boring art hung way too high. There is nothing wrong with buying that cute print on clearance at Target. If it’s your style — go for it! But don’t forget to mix in your child’s artwork, or a quirky original painting from the thrift shop, or your grandmother’s attic. Even better – pick up a canvas at the craft store and create a beautiful work of art yourself. The biggest mistake people make when hanging art is to go too high; the vertical center of your artwork should be 57-60″ from the floor, depending on your height. Art should hang at eye level, so when you walk by, you can stand and admire the picture without standing on tiptoe or craning your neck.

A Messy Entryway. If your entryway rug has seen better days, the floor is strewn with shoes, and backpacks are tossed on the floor next to the door, it’s time for an entryway makeover. Your entryway is only as good as the storage capability you create. There are tons of options available for attractive storage to accommodate shoes, coats, hats, gloves, handbags and backpacks. We’re lucky enough to host an IKEA in Denver, and that’s a great place to begin your search for chic, affordable storage, including a handy key rack and a mirror for a last minute peek before you head out the door.

Naked Windows. Window treatments can be fussy, elaborate, and expensive…but they can also be simple, practical, and chic! Start with one room — either the room you use the most, or the master bedroom, and work your way through to the rest of the house from there. Bamboo or neutral cordless blinds are a nice option, and custom drapery is probably more affordable than you think.

Zero Personality. Sometimes people are afraid to dabble in home decorating because they are worried they’ll make a mistake. Don’t knock down walls (unless you really know what you’re doing) and don’t attempt major plumbing or electrical adventures without consulting a professional — but paint, furniture, accessories, and window treatments? You’ve got this! Browse Pinterest for ideas based on your favorite color, pattern, or style — and branch out from there. Paint is cheap and reversible. Furniture can be rearranged, or if necessary — replaced. Accessories are affordable and easy to swap out. Have fun, and put together a space you’ll love to live in.

Remember…at the end of the day if your home comes across as tacky, wacky, or a little off-the-wall but you love it, then you’ve done a wonderful job. After all, that’s what home is all about! 

Jack Meyers

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