What to do Before You Move In: 5 Tips

If you’re closing on a house in the near future, or even moving into a rental home, there are things you can do before you move in that will make settling into your new place easier. Read on for 5 tips on avoiding some of the hassles and pitfalls that come with moving into a new place.

Conduct a Deep Clean. Whether you hire a pro or spend a few hours cleaning yourself, scour your new home from top to bottom if it isn’t already sparkling. Clean the fridge, clean the oven, make the bathrooms shine, and even tidy the yard. All of these activities will be easier without your boxes and furniture in the way.

Make Flooring Updates. Thinking of hard surface flooring? New tile in the kitchen? Wall to wall carpet? Arrange to have flooring installed before you move in. It’ll cost less and means you’ll be moving in with your stamp already on the place.

Conduct an Energy Audit; Make Changes as Necessary. If your home needs more insulation, new windows, HVAC repairs, etc. — don’t put it off. By making necessary repairs and upgrades now, you’ll save on energy costs in the long run.

Treat Those Windows. If you are waiting to get the know the lighting in your home before you install fabric treatments, keep it simple and install cordless blinds in a neutral shade. You’ll want those for privacy, anyway, and you can add decorative treatments later.

Look Right. Look Left. Look Up…Then Paint. Whether you’re going with a bold new color scheme or simply touching up the trim, paint before you move in. You’ll thank yourself later! Examine wall and door trim, doors, and ceilings. It’s amazing how new a space looks with fresh paint.

Jack Meyers

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