Denver Real Estate in the News

As Autumn inches its way toward Winter, the local Real Estate market is cooling a bit right alongside our daily temps. As a long-time Real Estate professional, I'm not shocked (this happens every year at this time), and I'm not panicking. What I am doing, is keeping an eye on the highlights that remind us … Continue reading Denver Real Estate in the News


Are You Throwing Away Money on Rent?

If you've lived in the Denver Metropolitan Area for long, you probably know we have a highly competitive housing market; finding the right house, at the right price, in the right area, with the right amenities, is tough. Still -- paying for a mortgage is almost always a better bet than throwing money away on … Continue reading Are You Throwing Away Money on Rent?

A Denver Real Estate Health Check

According to a recent Denver Business Journal article, a report by New York-based financial services firm SmartAsset ranks Denver 9th in the nation among the healthiest urban housing markets. Factors analyzed for the study include stability, risk, fluidity (ease of sale), and affordability. This is awesome news for local homeowners and those considering investing in the Denver … Continue reading A Denver Real Estate Health Check

Help Wanted: Denver Construction Workers

Unemployment rates are a quirky thing...      Too high a rate of unemployment and the economy suffers as those without jobs are unable to make purchases; when unemployment rates are high, the real estate market and many other markets can slump, affecting the entire economy and even those blessed with stable, adequate or better … Continue reading Help Wanted: Denver Construction Workers