5 Winter Heating Tips for Cost Savings

Even in so-often-sunny Colorado, wintertime means higher energy bills than the rest of the year. Keeping your family warm doesn’t have to break the bank. Read on for tips on keeping more of your heat inside your house, and more of your money in the bank. Change the furnace filter monthly. Does your home's heat … Continue reading 5 Winter Heating Tips for Cost Savings


On Housing and Gratitude

This week, as we settle back into routines after the Thanksgiving holiday, extended family heads home, and we polish off the last crumbs of pie (mmm!), I've been thinking about gratitude; specifically, how grateful we can all be for a roof over our heads, in a time when 100 million people worldwide do not enjoy … Continue reading On Housing and Gratitude

How Rising Interest Rates are Impacting the Denver Housing Market

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates by .25% at the end of September, and this move, designed to slow the economy down and undercut the potential for inflation, is impacting Real Estate markets across the country. How does this impact the numbers? We are still technically in a Seller's Market in Denver, but the lightning-fast … Continue reading How Rising Interest Rates are Impacting the Denver Housing Market

October is Fire Prevention Month

On average, a house fire happens every 24 seconds in the United States.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about half of home fires are caused by cooking, another 10% by heating, almost 7% are caused by accident, 6.5% by electrical malfunction, with additional causes including appliance malfunction, smoking, and natural causes making up the rest. … Continue reading October is Fire Prevention Month