Denver Real Estate in the News

As Autumn inches its way toward Winter, the local Real Estate market is cooling a bit right alongside our daily temps. As a long-time Real Estate professional, I'm not shocked (this happens every year at this time), and I'm not panicking. What I am doing, is keeping an eye on the highlights that remind us … Continue reading Denver Real Estate in the News


October is Fire Prevention Month

On average, a house fire happens every 24 seconds in the United States.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration, about half of home fires are caused by cooking, another 10% by heating, almost 7% are caused by accident, 6.5% by electrical malfunction, with additional causes including appliance malfunction, smoking, and natural causes making up the rest. … Continue reading October is Fire Prevention Month

Navigating the Denver Housing Maze

Searching through online news articles about the housing market across Denver, you'll find words like "ridiculous," "absurd," and even "impossible." It's hard to retain a shiny sense of searching-for-a-home optimism with that kind of talk coming at you from every direction, but the reality is, even in a challenging market, people still need to sell … Continue reading Navigating the Denver Housing Maze