7 Ways to Make UR New House a Home

You’ve moved into your new place, unpacked enough stuff to make toast and get dressed for work this week, and the kids’ favorite stuffed animals are in play…

Now what? 

Successfully settling into a new home takes a lot of doing, but not every item on your list should be a chore. Here is a list of 7 easy ways to embrace your new neighborhood, and take steps toward truly making your new house a home.

Fam Restaurant

RESTAURANTS…..Make a game of finding everyone’s favorite restaurant, or style of food, near your home. Let every member of the family choose the restaurant on a special night each week until everyone has had a turn. If your kids are young and moving has been a big transition, take a picture and make a big deal of it. It’ll be a fun memory, and you’ll get to know your new area while enjoying a night out with the fam.

Grocery Shop

GROCERY STORES…..Look up “grocery stores near me” on your phone, and be sure to visit each one before you settle on your go-to destination. You may find the Safeway near your new home has a more convenient layout than the one you used to live near, or that the King Soopers down the road has an amazing deli section. Finding the best store near you for deals and dinner ingredients is a big deal!

Friendly Neighbors

NEIGHBORS…..There is an unspoken deadline for meeting the neighbors that, once you’ve passed it, makes things a bit awkward on trash day or when it’s time to mow the lawn. If you’re an introvert, putting yourself out there to meet the neighbors may be outside your comfort zone, but it’s worth it to get this task out of the way within a couple of weeks of moving in. Take along a notebook and pen to write down names and jot down a few details of those you meet, and if you have kids/pets/a concern for the well-being of those around you — consider exchanging phone numbers in case anything comes up. This is called “community.”

Active Fam

PARKS & REC…..Get to know the green spaces, playgrounds, dog parks, swimming pools and rec centers near you as soon as you have a chance. The Denver Metro area is chock full of delightful parks for people, pooches and sporty-types, and you might be surprised to find jogging trails, a lovely stream or an awesome pool close to home. This kind of information is a great conversation starter with those new neighbors.

Library Guy

LA BIBLIOTECA…..Set your inner book nerd loose on the public library to find out about local events, sign the kids up for free education/entertainment opportunities and (you might have seen this coming) check out books! So many communities in our area host incredible libraries with good things for the entire family, and if you don’t pop in to sign up for your library card, you’ll miss out on a lot. It’s also a nice way to meet people in your new community.

Family Movies

MOVIE THEATERS…..Whether you catch a flick every other year or love to be first in line for new releases, you’ll want to know where the local movie theater(s) are in your area. Make sure to check out theaters in your zip code, but also theaters within 30-60 minutes of home. There are unique theaters across Metro Denver playing hit films, hipster films, classic films and indie flicks you might not see anywhere else. On the South end of town you’ll find a couple of great dinner-and-a-movie options where the tickets are cheap (the movies playing have typically been in theaters for awhile, not new releases) and you can order pizza, burgers, and all sorts of full-on-dinner options to enjoy at a table while you watch the big screen.

Mini Golf

ENTERTAINMENT…..Beyond movies, scope out art galleries, indoor playlands, pottery and canvas painting shops, laser tag, mini and full-size golf and more near your new home. If you have kids, make a list of all the places you’d like to visit during your first year in your new place, and try to check off one or two each month.

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Jack Meyers
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Our Incredible Local Parks

Our Incredible Local Parks

Autumn is shaping up to be a stunning season with outdoor-friendly weather this year across Metro Denver, and right now is an ideal time to plan an outing to the park with your family. Whether you want to hit the trail, soar on the swings or enjoy a relaxing picnic in the sunshine, plan to visit one of these favorite local parks you may never have been to before the snow flies. Or the day after the snow piles up, then melts…

Isn’t Colorado the best?


Center Park – Centennial

Located just off Arapahoe Road about halfway between Parker Road and I-25, Centennial’s Center Park offers free splash pad fun in the summer and some of the best playground equipment around. There are fun play opportunities for kids of all ages. Three climbing walls (a spongy surface material makes for soft landings), super tall concrete slide and cool round hammock-style swing are just a few play features. There are lots of tables, including covered shelters, and great modern bathroom facilities on site. It is impossible to be bored at this cool park, no matter the time of year.


Westlands Park – Greenwood Village

Westlands Park is another almost-too-fun-to-be-true location for kids. Children can slide right down into the action on a steep, fast slide and the adventure begins! The park boasts climbing features and play structures suitable for toddlers to teens, hiking/biking trails and a pond. If you aren’t a frequent visitor to this area of town, you may not come across this hidden gem on Quebec Street. This park is a consistent community favorite and worth the drive if you live across town.


Central Park – Stapleton

Simply put, Central Park is 80 acres of fun. As Denver’s third largest park, it attracts people from all over the city for sledding, RC boating, team sports and an amazing Dr. Seuss-inspired playground. 5280 magazine calls Central Park “one of the city’s coolest playground.”


Mestizo-Curtis Park – Denver

The oldest park in Denver, Five Points’ Mestizo-Curtis Park (est. 1868), boasts one of the city’s newest playgrounds. The $300,000 project, with features such as a compass-inspired merry-go-round, debuted last summer. Snag one of the six picnic tables near the playground to sit down for a family meal at the park. Originally developed as Curtis Park, Mestizo, meaning “a mix of cultures and ethnicities,” was added to the name in 1987 to reflect the diversity of the community.

What is your family’s favorite local park or trail? Share your top pick in the comments. With so many amazing green spaces, sports fields and places to play, it’s tough to choose!

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
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