Itty Bitty Houses

An RV park in Loveland is launching Phase 1 of what it hopes will be a successful tiny house movement within the community, and this is a trend that has captured the imagination of many Colorado residents.


It is hard to deny the whimsical charm of these miniature abodes; tiny home builders consider every detail, working storage and convenience into closet-sized spaces. Like a gypsy wagon, many tiny homes can be hitched to a vehicle and roll right on out of town – although they can also be laid on a tiny foundation with demure landscaping put in place to make home-sweet-tiny-home a more permanent location.

Some tiny home owners are drawn to the idea of “living large” thanks to a smaller house payment, or the ability to pay off a smaller loan on a tiny home in a shorter period of time than a traditional 30 year mortgage. Some look to tiny homes as ideal guest houses, or second homes in another state or in the mountains – a bit like a modern day RV, but with the solid feel of real architecture. Others like the idea of customizing a home – minus the lofty price tag of a custom built traditional home.

Living small – really small – is an interesting proposition. It’s definitely not for everyone; Census Bureau data puts the size of newly constructed single family homes at 2,467 square feet on average, while a typical tiny home clocks in at 120 square feet, with tiny mansions maxing out at 500 square feet.


A few things to consider if you’re thinking small:

  • Where will you park it? Do you have a large yard? Can you rent space or buy a plot of land?
  • How will you insure your tiny home? This will take a bit of research on your part, as insurability and costs depend on size, mobility, location, etc.
  • What features do you want and need in a tiny home?
  • What is your tiny home budget?
  • What if it turns out you are a bit claustrophobic, after all? What is the resale value of tiny homes, and how will this affect you financially?


Have you or anyone you know been bitten by the tiny house bug? Tell me about it – share a picture if you’ve got one. Let me know what your journey to tiny home ownership was like.

Jack Meyers

The Meyers Group
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Fun House

I take my work seriously, and the success of each and every home sale or purchase I assist with matters greatly to me. But for just a moment, I’d like to offer you a chipper piece of advice for after you move into your new place:

Don’t take yourself, or your home, too seriously! 

Home means different things to different people: Love. Comfort. Shelter. Family. Hustle-bustle. Even fun!

Work with a Realtor to find the right home in the right neighborhood at a price you can confidently afford, and then have fun with it. Hang a goofy picture of yourself in elementary school alongside those of your children. Buy a flashy pet bed for your dachshund and set it proudly alongside the couch. Install speakers in the family room to rock your favorite tunes – or just blast those tunes on your phone. And while you’re listening? Don’t be afraid to sing along or dance around the living room with the kids, the dog, or all by your bad self. After all – you’re home! 

Dancing in the Living Room

If gathering fellow intellectuals around your reclaimed wood dining table to discuss Proust and sip an expensive vintage of red wine is your idea of a party – rock on! Just don’t neglect to truly live in your home. Life is too short to leave the dust covers on the furniture and treat your home as too-precious for daily use or invited guests.

Take a cue from these serendipitous homes around the world:

Are you looking around the confines of your tiny apartment or the dated decor of your suburban relic and pondering what a new vista might look like? Call me. Whether you want to Buy, Sell or just have fun chatting about Real Estate, I’m your guy.

Jack Meyers
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Upside Down – Turned Around


This, my friends, is an upside down house in Austria. I don’t want to talk to you about this house – although you should check out the article, it’s pretty cool. What I want to tell you is a story about my friends Sue and Derek (*not their real names), and what happened not too long ago when their house in the Metro Denver area was upside down.

Sue and Derek live on the South end of Metro Denver, like many of my friends and clients do, and a little over a year ago they found themselves in a pickle. Money was tight, bills were mounting and their mortgage felt like a burden they weren’t sure they could afford. They considered selling their home, but much to their dismay, they owed about what the home was worth at the time, and after the costs of selling the home they would have to bring money to the closing table. This couple had no equity in their home, and they were concerned they might lose the home to foreclosure if they weren’t able to successfully enter into a loan modification with the bank.

This, friends, is what it means to be upside down in one’s home. This is a mild case – in some markets that have fallen on tough times, homeowners have found themselves much further underwater than Sue and Derek with a home worth much less than they paid for it. This is not a good situation to be in, particularly if your income changes or you want or need to sell your home.

The reason I’m telling you about Sue and Derek’s situation is to shed some light on what is happening in the Denver Real Estate market. For some, the economic downturn does not feel far enough away in the rear view mirror to truly move forward with confidence. Changes to your job, your spouse’s job, the value of your property, etc. might have been too challenging for you to be able to move past emotionally despite the upswing in the economy, and I don’t blame you for wanting to be cautious after whatever damage the economy might have done to your wallet, retirement fund or home value. I get it.

Sue and Derek were ultimately able to achieve a reasonable loan modification plan that saved them a few hundred dollars a month and let them keep their home. Even better, they recently sold the home with a net profit to them (tax free, by the way – consult your accountant about how that works) of $50,000. After all fees, commissions and buyer concessions were covered, these folks walked away with $50k in their pockets and an opportunity to start fresh in a home that is more affordable for them. Beats foreclosure, doesn’t it?

So what about you? Have you been wondering how the shifting market has affected the value of your Denver-area home? I encourage you to take courage, be bold, and FIND OUT YOUR HOME’S VALUE instead of worrying about it. We’ve faced challenging times in the job market and Real Estate market over the past few years, but wonderful things are happening in Denver and all over the country. People who were clinging to the shirt on their back are finding that the market is now in their favor and they can make the move they’ve been putting off.

Drop a line and let me know what Real Estate questions are topmost in your mind. I’m happy to help you make informed decision about the home you own, or the one you want to.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate

A Little Sunshine for your Rainy Day

It’s chilly, windy, and feeling every bit April here in the Metro Denver area tonight, but at least it isn’t snowing!


For those of you longing for a sunny escape, I’ve provided a few links to private islands currently available for purchase. And for the rest of us, I’m happy to help you find a shelter from the storm right here in Colorado. It might be cold and rainy now, but on average, we see sunshine 69% of the time here in the Mile High City. It’s not tropical, but for those of us who love living in Colorado, it’s our kind of paradise.


Little Monkey Caye (*monkeys not included) – the cheapest island for sale in the Caribbean at $55,000

Picnic Island in Michigan features a chalet style cabin and great sport fishing opportunities for $385k

Island of Sirene (Island of Sirens) is a little less than an acre of dirt + trees available off the coast of Sicily – currently priced at 2.3 million Euros (that’s $3,181,820 for those of us stateside), the price on this egg-shaped islet is negotiable.

Dumunpalit Island in the Philippines offers 75 beautiful acres surrounded by coral reefs and features 200 feet of pristine white sand beach for $3.4 million bucks.

Crescent Island in San Carlos Bay, Florida is up for auction online right now! Last listed for $1.95 million, the island features a four level, deck-topped pool home – just in case the ocean outside your door grows tiresome.


Whether you are seeking help with the purchase of your next island (I give great referrals!) or looking for a retreat right here in Colorado, I can help with that. Let’s get together – I’ll bring my umbrella.

Jack Meyers
Twitter: @jackestate