A Safe Halloween is a Fun Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, I’d like to share a few safety tips for parents of trick-or-treaters

as well as members of the community. *Scroll down for a fun spooky link.


Slow down. A pedestrian is more than twice as likely to be killed if they’re hit by a car traveling at 35 mph compared to 25 mph, according to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. If you must be out and about during prime trick-or-treat time (5-9pm) slow down and be alert.

Buckle up. If driving trick-or-treaters, always use appropriate car and booster seats and have children exit and enter on the passenger side of the vehicle. Do not make exceptions for large or bulky costumes.

Keep watch. Drivers should look for children walking on streets, driveways, medians and curbs. Excited trick-or-treaters, often in dark costumes, may have reduced visibility, may not pay attention to traffic and cross mid-block or between parked cars.

Avoid distractions, including text messaging and cell phone use, in order to keep 100 percent of your focus on safe driving.


If your little goblins are headed out for tricks & treats – keep the following in mind: 

Trick-or-treat together. Parents or caregivers should accompany young trick-or-treaters. If your child is old enough to go it alone, require and hourly check in and make sure they are out with a friend, and plan ahead with the other child(ren)’s parents.

Stay visible. Have each child carry or wear something lit, such as a flashlight, glow stick or reflective tape in order to enhance visibility.

Be costume smart. Avoid costumes that drag, and think twice about masks. Masks can restrict breathing and obscure vision, creating safety hazard to trick-or-treaters. As a safer bet, skip the mask altogether and opt for costume makeup.

Discuss safety with kids. It’s easy for kids to get caught up in the excitement of trick-or-treating and forget about safety. Before setting out on Halloween night, discuss safety rules. This discussion should highlight the importance of sidewalk use and crossing the street safely.


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Seasonal Strategies for a Winter Home Sale

While certain tenets of home selling strategy remain true through every season of the year, selling your home over the winter season, particularly during the winter holidays, requires a unique approach.

The following is a list of key components to a successful winter home sale:

  • Present great online listing photos. Due to winter weather, buyers will attend fewer open houses and sellers generally host fewer open house events. This doesn’t have to be a roadblock to a successful sale, but your potential buyer will want to see a variety of photos presenting your home in a positive light. Post as many photos as you can, and prepare your space accordingly for the best photos possible.
  • Work with your Realtor to price your home to sell. In any housing market, the market sets the selling price for any home, not the seller, and not even your Realtor. Solid data including the results of a Current Market Analysis, or CMA, form the basis for the sales price of your home. Appropriate pricing is vital in any market, especially amidst the busy holiday season.
  • Be flexible with contract terms. During the holiday season, be prepared to give a little in terms of contract dates. If the snow flies thick and heavy on inspection day, dates may need to move. Holidays may require a move of the closing date. A professional, experienced Realtor will include provisions for such events in your Contract to Buy & Sell. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and share your concerns, but flexibility on both sides of the table will create a more pleasant transaction for all parties.
  • Stage your home for the holidays.Effective home staging is vital for a winter-time sale in a seasonal state. Make note of your experience as you enter your home after work on a wintry day.
    • Is your outdoor lighting bright enough to illuminate your house at night?  Have you decorated for the season outdoors? Keep it tasteful and tidy.
    • Is there a functional mat for snowy boots and shoes inside the entry?
    • Is your house warm? Crank up the heat for open houses or during busy showing days/times. Light up the fireplace for open houses – showings if you can.
    • Boil a homemade potpourri mix on the stove to fill your home with a cozy holiday scent. Cinnamon sticks, orange peels, cloves and apple cider create a fragrant holiday aroma that helps buyers warm up to your home.
    • Festive holiday music is another way to warm a buyers’ hearts on a cold day – stick to classic non-religious holiday tunes to appeal to the most buyers.

Selling your home during the holiday season is a job for a professional. I’m here to help whether you are ready to list, or just considering your options.

Jack Meyers



Twitter: @jackestate

Is a Christmas-Time Closing in the Cards for You?

In talking to would-be Sellers this time of year, I sometimes come across hesitancy to list in what some owners see as “the slow season.” The truth about the final quarter of the year is that this is a great time to list your home for sale.

Here’s why:
1. One of the biggest reasons to list your home during the holiday season {November-December through early January} is to capture serious Buyers. Home seekers during this time of the year are looking for a reason, and looking for real.
2. Less competition on the market is a GOOD THING for Sellers. When serious Buyers come calling, they will have less property inventory to compare your home to. This ups the ante for them and can increase the value for you.
3. In a seasonal state like Colorado, homeowners can set the scene for Buyers. When you present a warm, cozy home during showings, online, and during open houses, Buyers will be charmed by your property’s potential.

Stay tuned – next we’ll discuss Seasonal Strategies for selling your home during the winter holidays & weather.

Call me or drop a line – I’d love to talk about whether your holiday plans include a successful Home Closing.

Jack Meyers



Twitter: @jackestate